mercredi 29 août 2007

biomimicry ::: la nature comme modèle à l'innovation

de bio, vie
et mimesis, immiter

Pour exemple ces cannes inspirées du vol de la chauve-souris, utilisant des signaux ultrasons pour repérer les obstacles.

ULTRACANE(r) Bat Inspired Walking Cane
The UltraCane is a new electronic mobility aid, designed to help people get around more easily and safely. The UltraCane was inspired by the way bats navigate in darkness. The cane uses ultrasonic signals which bounce off objects present in the environment and feed information back to the cane. This covers the areas in front and, uniquely, to the head height of the user.

Product Overview: Cane that alerts users to obstacles
Organism Inspired by: Echolocation used by Bats
Lead Researcher: Dean Waters
Lab/University: University of Leads
Availability: Implemented
For more information: visit UltraCane web site, click here

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